Past AGLS Recipients for the AFS DAA


2018 Gary Wingenbach  Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications Teaching
2018 Ellen Jordan Animal Science Extension/Continuing Ed.
2017 Mark Hussey Vice Chancellor’s Office Administration
2017 Robert Chapkin Nutrition and Food Science Graduate Mentoring
2016 David Bessler Agricultural Economics Research
2016 David Peterson Biochemistry and Biophysics Teaching
2016 X. Ben Wu Ecosystem Science and Management Teaching
2016 David Reed Horticultural Science and Dean’s Office Teaching
2016  John Crompton Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Graduate Mentoring
2015 Cathey, Jim Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Extension/Continuing Ed.
2015 Shippen, Dorothy Biochemistry and Biophysics Graduate Mentoring
2015 Singh, Vijay Biological and Agricultural Engineering Research
2015 Winemiller, Kirk Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Research
2015 Capps, Oral Agricultural Economics Teaching
2015 Ramsey, Shawn Animal Science Teaching
2015 Silvy, Nova Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Teaching
2014 Hale, Daniel Animal Science Extension/Continuing Ed.
2013 Mukhtar, Saqib Biological and Agricultural Engineering Extension/Continuing Ed.
2013 Boggus, Charlene Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications Staff
2013 Smith, Patricia Biological and Agricultural Engineering Teaching
2013 Wickersham, Tryon Animal Science Teaching
2012 Litzenberg, Kerry Agricultural Economics Teaching
2011 Whittlesey, Lisa Horticultual Sciences Extension/Continuing Ed.
2011 Jones, Eluned Agricultural Economics Graduate Mentoring
2011 Rister, Edward Agricultural Economics Individual Student Relationships
2011 Chapkin, Robert Nutrition and Food Science Research
2011 Penson, John Agricultural Economics Teaching
2011 Young, Ryland Biochemistry/Biophysics Teaching
2010 McCarl, Bruce Agricultural Economics Research
2010 Siebert, John Agricultural Economics Teaching
2010 Slack, Doug Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Teaching
2009 Richardson, James W. Agricultural Economics Graduate Mentoring
2009 Scholthof, Herman Plant Pathology and Microbiology Research
2009 Scholthof, Karen-Beth Plant Pathology and Microbiology Teaching
2008 Townsend, Joe Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications Administration
2008 Outlaw, Joe Agricultural Economics Extension/Continuing Ed.
2008 Sacchettini, Jim Biochemistry and Biophysics Research
2008 Shippin, Dorothy Biochemistry and Biophysics Research
2008 Wu, Guoyao Animal Science Research
2008 Van Dyke, Marguerite Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Staff
2007 Lupton, Joanne Nutrition and Food Science Research
2007 Pantoja, Norma Agricultural Economics Staff
2006 Bessler, David A. Ag/Agricultural Economics Graduate Mentoring
2006 Crompton, John L. Ag/Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Teaching
2006 Kenimer, Ann Ag/Biological & Agricultural Eng Teaching
2004 Townsend, Joe COALS Teaching
2003 Gunn, J. Martyn Biochemistry and Biophysics Teaching
2003 Zuberer, David A. Soil and Crop Sciences Teaching
2002 Boleman, Larry Animal Science Extension/Continuing Ed.
2002 Parker, Roy D. Entomology Extension/Continuing Ed.
2002 Young, Ryaland E. III Biochemistry and Biophysics Research
2002 Rister, M. Edward Agricultural Economics Teaching
2001 Amosson, Stephen Agricultural Economics Extension/Continuing Ed.
2001 Crompton, John L. Recreation and Parks Research
2000 Bazer, Fuller Agriculture Research
1999 White, Lynn B. Ag. Extension Service Extension/Continuing Ed.
1999 Rooney, Lloyd W. Agriculture Research
1999 Melton, Sue Agriculture Staff
1999 Reed, David W. Agriculture Teaching
1998 Kitching, Jennie Ag. Extension Svs. Extension/Continuing Ed.
1998 Klinefelter, Danny Ag. Economics Extension/Continuing Ed.
1998 Silvy, Nova Wildlife & fisheries Student Relations
1998 Townsend, Joe Agriculture Student Relations
1998 Knutson, Ronald Ag. Economics Teaching
1998 Skaggs, Chris Animal Science Teaching
1997 Granovsky, Nancy L. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1997 Rosson, C. Parr Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1996 Drees, Bastiaan M. Ag. Extension Service Extension/Continuing Ed.
1996 Warren, Judith L. Ag. Extension Service Extension/Continuing Ed.
1996 Pike, Leonard M. Agriculture Research
1996 Storey, J. Benton Agriculture Teaching
1995 Hayenga, Wayne A. Texas Ag Extension Service Extension/Continuing Ed.
1995 McNeill, John W. Texas Ag Extension Service Extension/Continuing Ed.
1995 Wilding, Larry P. Agriculture Research
1995 Barringer, Mary S. Agriculture Student Relations
1995 Capps, Jr., Oral Agriculture Teaching
1994 Harrison, Meatra D. Ag Extension Service Extension/Continuing Ed.
1994 McEachern, George R. (’73) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1994 McCarl, Bruce Agriculture Research
1994 Murdock, Steven H. Agriculture Research
1994 Milford, Murray H. (’55) Agriculture Teaching
1994 Townsend, Christine D. Agriculture Teaching
1993 Ray, Jerrilyn L. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1993 Hesby, J. Howard Agriculture Research
1993 Mullet, John E. Agriculture Research
1993 Gold, John R. Agriculture Teaching
1992 Anderson, Carl G. (’58) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1992 Fuchs, Thomas W. (’70) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1992 Richardson, James W. Agriculture Research
1992 Teetes, George L. (’64) Agriculture Research
1992 Penson, Jr., John B. Agriculture Teaching
1991 Smith, Edward G. (’73) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1991 Tomaszewski, Michael A. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1991 Sanders, James O. (’68) Agriculture Teaching
1990 McGrann, James M. (’73) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1990 Parsons, Jerry M. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1990 Brown, Kirk W. Agriculture Research
1990 Keeley, Larry L. Agriculture Research
1990 Pace, Carlos N. Agriculture Teaching
1989 Davis, Ernest E. (’71) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1989 Morrison, William P. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1989 Shumway, C. Richard Agriculture Research
1989 Johnson, James L. (’78) Agriculture Teaching
1988 Miller, Frederick R. (’63) Agriculture Research
1988 Runge, Edward C. A. Agriculture Staff/Administration
1988 Milford, Murray H. (’55) Agriculture Student Relations
1988 Funkhouser, Edward A. Agriculture Teaching
1988 Savell, Jeffrey W. (’75) Agriculture Teaching
1987 Hamman, Philip J. (’54) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1987 Beard, James B. Agriculture Research
1987 Kunkel, H. O. (’43) Agriculture Staff/Administration
1986 Sweeten, Jr., John M. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1986 Coulson, Robert N. Agriculture Research
1986 van Bavel, Cornelius H. M. Agriculture Research
1986 Briers, Gary E. (’71) Agriculture Teaching
1986 Merkle, Morris G. Agriculture Teaching
1985 Amador, Jose M. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1985 Morgan, Page W. (’55) Agriculture Research
1985 Litzenberg, Kerry K. Agriculture Teaching
1984 Knutson, Ronald D. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1984 Penson, Jr., John B. Agriculture Research
1984 Litterst, Jr., Frank C. (’43) Agriculture Teaching
1984 Schmedemann, Ivan W. (’67) Agriculture Teaching
1983 Johnson, Jerral D. (’60) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1983 Summers, Max D. Agriculture Research
1983 Smith, Gary C. Agriculture Teaching
1982 Patranella, Mary Ruth Agriculture Staff/Administration
1981 Cotner, Samuel D. (’64) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1981 Hoermann, Robert W. (’58) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1981 Harms, Paul G. Agriculture Teaching
1981 Wild, James R. Agriculture Teaching
1980 Ragsdale, Bobby J. (’53) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1980 Scifres, Charles J. Agriculture Research
1979 Frisbie, Raymond E. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1979 Dixon, Joe B. Agriculture Research
1979 Herring, Donald R. (’62) Agriculture Teaching
1978 Hodges Jr., R. J. (’41) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1977 Uvacek, Jr., Edward (’66) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1977 Vinson, S. Bradleigh Agriculture Research
1977 Blackhurst, Homer T. Agriculture Teaching
1976 Hoffman, Garlyn O. (’48) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1975 Litterst, Jr., Frank C. (’43) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1975 Wilkes, Lambert H. (’53) Agriculture Research
1975 Grady, Jesse C. Agriculture Teaching
1974 Thomas, John G. (’59) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1974 Couch, James R. (’31) Agriculture Research
1974 Hesby, J. Howard Agriculture Teaching
1973 Maddox, Jr., Lawrence A. (’42) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1973 Hiler, Edward A. Agriculture Research
1973 Brown, Herman (’53) Agriculture Teaching
1973 O’Donovan, Gerard A. Agriculture Teaching
1973 Randolph, Neal M. (’34) Agriculture Teaching
1972 Beverly, John R. (’62) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1972 Milford, Murray H. (’55) Agriculture Teaching
1971 Horne Jr., C. Wendell Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1971 Franke, Harold W. (’45) Agriculture Student Relations
1971 Tanksley, Jr., Thomas D. (’46) Agriculture Teaching
1970 Hancock, Bluefford G. (’50) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1970 Holt, Ethan C. Agriculture Research
1970 Carpenter, Zerle L. Agriculture Teaching
1970 Hobgood, Price (’38) Agriculture Teaching
1970 Webb, Earl S. Agriculture Teaching
1969 Gould, Frank W. Agriculture Teaching
1969 Van Cleave, Horace W. (’52) Agriculture Teaching
1969 Vanderzant, Carl Agriculture Teaching
1968 Brown, Reagan V. (’43) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1968 Sorensen, Jr., Anton M. (’46) Agriculture Teaching
1967 Sorenson, Jr., Jerome W. (’35) Agriculture Research
1967 DeWerth, A. F. Agriculture Teaching
1966 Spears, Ben R. (’47) Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1966 Kunze, George W. (’45) Agriculture Research
1966 King, Gene T. (’56) Agriculture Student Relations
1966 Mills, J. Frank (’43) Agriculture Teaching
1965 Welhausen, Loris J. Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1965 Adkisson, Perry L. Agriculture Research
1965 Quisenberry, J. H. (’31) Agriculture Research
1965 McNiel, N. A. (’35) Agriculture Teaching
1964 Brown, Meta S. Agriculture Research
1964 Potts, Richard C. (’66) Agriculture Student Relations
1964 Wooten, Alvin B. (’45) Agriculture Teaching
1963 Baldauf, Richard J. (’51) Agriculture Teaching
1963 Ryan, Cecil B. (’47) Agriculture Teaching
1962 Stout, Velda Agriculture Extension/Continuing Ed.
1962 Cover, Sylvia Agriculture Research
1962 Cartwright, Thomas C. (’54) Agriculture Teaching
1961 Quinby, J. Roy (’24) Agriculture Research
1960 Berry Jr., W. T. (’42) Agriculture Teaching
1959 Reinhard, Henry J. Agriculture Research
1959 Leighton, Rudolph E. (’56) Agriculture Teaching
1958 Little, Van A. (’25) Agriculture Teaching
1957 McAfee, Thomas Edison (’53) Agriculture Student Relations
1957 Godbey, C. B. Agriculture Teaching
1956 Brison, Fred R. (’21) Agriculture Teaching
1956 Kunkel, H. O. (’43) Agriculture Teaching
1955 Hall, Wayne C. Agriculture Research
1955 Skrabanek, Robert L. (’42) Agriculture Teaching



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